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2023/2024 Pilot - Occupational Therapy Assessment in a non clinical environment.

We have 5 funded occupational therapy assessments to offer to young people that meet the following criteria

  • Individuals must be between the ages of 9 - 18 years

  • Must be available to attend assessment sessions at the farm in Dedham, on a Monday or Thursday, over a 5 week period.

  • Must consent to their assessment being used in anonymous case study shared with the North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance and Wellbeing Alliance and the Neighbourhood programme.

‘This project has been funded by the North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance and the Neighbourhood programme. Funding is administered through One Colchester’

The applications for these free assessments has now closed.

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We offer occupational therapy assessment in a non-clinical environment.

Assessments are carried out from non standardised clinical observations made as the individual participates in farm activities .


Performance will be observed in the following
areas, as indicated from home & education provider questionnaires and may include:

  • fine motor skills

  • gross motor skills

  • independence skills

  • sensory processing

  • attention

  • behaviour 

  • social participation

      Your assessment will include:

  • Home and education provider questionnaires

  • One to one assessment over 6 one hour farm therapy sessions

  • Occupational therapy report and recommendations

The report will provide any overview of the young person’s performance and areas of difficulty identified. If further assessment is indicated such as formal or standardised assessments this will be recommended in the report. Advice and strategies will also be included.


If further Occupational
Therapy Farm sessions are recommended the individual will be added to the Therapy Farm
waiting list.

COST £845

Occupational Therapy Assessment


Why choose us?

  • Our Occupational Therapists are registered with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the Health Professionals Council and are experienced working with people of all ages.

  • The Farm is a unique environment. It is a relaxed, informal and friendly place to be, surrounded by nature and animals.

  • Our assessments are informal, flexible and tailored to the individual’s needs.

  • Our assessments and sessions are person centred and holistic.

  • Our assessments are bespoke as they are informed by the Home and School questionnaires and focus on the areas and priorities highlighted.

  • During the sessions we use Animal Assisted Therapy and a variety of outdoor activities, including animal husbandry, dog training, walking or agility and gardening.

  •  Individuals are therefore assessed and observed participating in purposeful, meaningful and fun activities.

  • Our assessments are functional, focussing on performance in daily tasks.

  • The Sensory Processing Assessments (using the Adolescent Sensory Processing Measure*) are supervised or carried out by qualified Sensory Processing Practitioners.

  •  Our assessments are completed over a 6 week period allowing individuals to develop a rapport with the staff and to become comfortable in the setting.

  •  The individual is  also gaining the benefit of 6 therapy sessions as part of the assessment package.

*The Adolescent Sensory Processing Measure is used to assess sensory processing and functioning and includes home and school questionnaires to gain information from different environments and perspectives. It also includes the self report questionnaire in order to gain the young person’s perspective. It is a norm referenced standardised assessment, assessing sensory processing, praxis and social participation. Clinical observations on the farm will also inform the sensory processing assessment.

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