Providing Occupational Therapy with Animal Facilitated Therapy,
through meaningful and purposeful activities, in a person-centred way.


Dedham Therapy Farm provides bespoke, person-centred therapeutic services and Occupational Therapy using nature and animals. We improve people’s physical and mental health using Animal Facilitated Therapy and farming activities.


We strive to empower people to develop, recover, or maintain their wellbeing through nature, animals and meaningful activities. Whether they have anxiety, learning disabilities, autism or phobia, we are here to help.

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Do you have an interest in nature and a love for animals? We at Dedham Therapy Farm are always looking for enthusiastic and friendly individuals who can join us in supporting our team. From feeding and caring for animals to admin work, we could always use an extra pair of hands.

We’ve helped hundreds of people to achieve their goals

"Arriving for the first time at Dedham Therapy Farm, we knew we had found something very special. The staff could not be more welcoming and friendly and the farm animals and dogs are simply lovely to be around. It is a real haven of tranquillity tucked away from the hubbub of daily life, and with the knowledge and expertise of the staff, along with their natural intuitiveness and kind, step by step approach, they offer a highly individualised therapeutic experience that helps build confidence, independence and skills for life. We would highly recommend Dedham Therapy Farm to any family needing that extra little bit of gentle support."




Who can be referred for therapy and who can refer someone for therapy?

Anyone who has a barrier to their daily living. We currently support mental health, learning disabilities, autism, anxiety and phobias.

You can self refer or refer on behalf of a family member or be referred by social services, school teachers or senco, support worker, carer, Occupational Therapist, GP, any health professionals. See our 'get involved' page for the referal form.

Are you open to the general public too? If so, what are your hours?

Due to COVID 19 we are not open to the general public at the moment, you must be referred to access the farm.

What happens in a typical therapy session on the farm?

All sessions are specific to the needs of each individual. One of our Occupational Therapists will make a plan specific to the needs that need to be met. Sessions can include group feeding of our farm animals or feeding on a 121 basis. During a session at the farm you can expect to take part in a range of activities including, animal feeding, animal husbandry, grooming, farm maintenance, dog walking and training, arts and crafts, land management and gardening.

How is the farm funded? How can I support the work you do?

Through therapy session fees, public and corporate donations, corporate sponsorship, grants and animal sponsorship.

Consider donating, either as an individual or on behalf of a company. You can sponsor one of our animals, if there is one you have a particular soft spot for. Think about volunteering, we have a range of volunteer roles, please fill in a volunteer form.

Do you have insurance?

Here at the farm we have Employers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

Can I apply to do work experience at the farm?

We do take a limited number of work experience staff at the farm.

What about people who want to use the service, but can’t make it to the farm?

The dogs and small animals can visit you!

What will I be charged for?

Therapy sessions at the farm setting. Therapy sessions in the community. Clinical Admin. Initial visit/assessnts. These are all upon quotation.